Protect your hair in protective styles

Moisturizing is a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy hair, especially when it comes to protective styles. Let’s delve into why moisturizing is essential and how you can keep your hair hydrated while rocking those fabulous protective styles.

The Importance of Moisturizing Protective Styles

1. Retaining Moisture

Protective styles, such as braids, twists, or faux locs, are known for their ability to help retain hair length and reduce breakage. However, neglecting your natural hair while wearing these styles can lead to more harm than good. Moisturizing your hair ensures that it remains hydrated, preventing dryness and brittleness. We recommend treating your hair with our Papaya Palooza deep conditioner prior to your protective style. The protein in the formula helps to keep the hair strong and nourished for the duration of your style. 

2. Avoiding Dryness and Itchiness

Dryness and itchiness are common issues when wearing protective styles. To combat this, prep your hair with moisture-enhancing products before getting your protective style. A Light weight leave in conditioner such as our Jamaican Sunsplash leave in spray will provide hydration without weighing your hair down. 

3. Healthy Scalp

Don’t forget about your scalp! Start Wash your hair regularly with our Moroccan hair growth Shampoo and conditioner. This will ensure that your scalp is cleaned and  follicles are stimulated. Finish it off with our Indias secret hair growth oil. This will nourish your roots and grows your hair healthier longer and stronger. 

When getting your protective style installed, ensure that it’s not too tight. Excessive tension can cause breakage and irreversible traction alopecia! 

5. Sealing in Moisture

After moisturizing, seal the moisture in by using lightweight butters and oil. Both our oil and Chebe Souffle can be used on the lengths of the hair. This helps to lock in moisture and hydration and keeps your hair extremely soft manageable and free from split ends and breakage.

Remember, healthy hair starts with proper care, even when it’s tucked away in a protective style. So, keep your hair moisturized, pay attention to your scalp, and enjoy your new style!


6.  Protecting at night

Did know that cotton dries your hair out?  Cotton is a culprit when it comes to dry hair and breakage. It absorbs the natural oils from the hair and skin. We recommend tossing your traditional pillowcase and replacing with it with silk or satin. Satin does not draw moisture like cotton does. It hydrates the hair and prevents breakage. A satin scarf or bonnet does the same to prevent friction on the hair. We have a wide selection of satin pillow cases and head wear to keep your hair protected, even in your sleep.