Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz
Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz
Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz
Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz
Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz
Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz

Papaya PALOOZA | Restorative deep conditioning hair masque 8oz & 12oz

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We listen to our customers! This is our most requested product and we’re so excited to announce that it’s finally HERE!

From the moment it makes contact with your hair, you will be amazed by how incredibly soft, smooth, and silky it feels. It will leave you wondering if it's the same head of hair you had before.

Papaya Protein Palooza INTENSE deep conditioning hair masque is the ultimate solution for nourished, healthy, and supper soft hair! 

  •  It Restores, repairs, rebuilds strengthens, protects ALL hair types 
  • Strengthens the Cortex and Seals the hair cuticles leaving your hair so soft that it’s hard to stop touching it. 
  •  Provides your strands with the essential proteins they need to become stronger and more resilient

Papaya Palooza is for dry, brittle, and lifeless hair, or for those attempting to prevent it!
We formulated it with the finest ingredients, including our star ingredient; Nourishing papaya extract from Peru.
 Our deep conditioner is enriched with the natural goodness of papaya extract AND protein-rich compounds.

The protein-rich formula works wonders in strengthening your hair from within, reducing breakage, and promoting healthy hair growth. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to stronger, more resilient tresses.

Not only does our Papaya Protein Rich Deep Conditioner provide intense hydration and nourishment, but it also helps to detangle your hair effortlessly. No more struggling with knots and tangles - just smooth, easy-to-manage hair that you’ll love to flaunt.
The delightful light natural fragrance will transport you to a tropical paradise, making your hair care routine a truly indulgent experience.
To use, simply apply a generous amount  to clean, damp hair. Massage it gently from root to tip, ensuring that every strand is coated. Leave it on for 5- 10 minutes (but up to an hour is also OK) to allow the nourishing ingredients to work their magic.

Rinse thoroughly and revel in the instant transformation of your hair.
Suitable for all hair types, this Deep Conditioner is NATURAL and  free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. We believe in providing you with a product that is not only effective but also safe for your hair and the environment.

Key ingredients:
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Attaches hydrolyzed proteins to the hair cuticle. Wheat protein prevents further weakening of your hair strands, which makes it an excellent choice for reviving damaged or chemically treated hair.
Wheat Protein strengthens and repairs the keratin, therefore giving hair structure and helping it grow longer and stronger.
Greatly increases the hair's ability to retain moisture, add volume, and reduce hair's porosity while improving its smoothness. Pro Tip: This is great for both high and low porosity hair. 
 Our papaya is sourced from the rich soils of Peru. It is known for its exceptional moisturizing properties. It helps to restore and retain the natural moisture balance of your hair, leaving it soft, silky, and manageable. The papaya fruit benefits your hair by stimulating collagen production and strengthening the middle layer of the hair.
Papaya  has hair thickening properties that will make your hair strong and avoid hair fall.
 Avocado also helps to strengthen and soften hair.  It can also aid in preventing hair loss & promoting longer, healthier hair.
More Benefits:
Pumps your hair full of protein for repair
PROTECTS, Restores, repairs, strengthens 
Strengthens bonds between hair molecules
Boosts elasticity
Helps smooth frizz, repair damage
Leaves hair soft and renewed and shiny  ✨ 
Stimulates collagen production
Protein Palooza is like a workout for your hair, Let’s compare the two. 
Working out strengthens and tones your muscles, our Papaya Protein Rich Deep Conditioner works to strengthen and fortify your hair.
Just like how working out targets specific muscle groups, our deep conditioner targets the individual strands of your hair, providing them with the essential proteins they need to become stronger and more resilient.
Just as working out helps to reduce muscle damage and promote muscle growth, our protein-rich formula helps to reduce hair breakage and stimulate healthy hair growth.
Just as workouts requires consistency and dedication to see results, using our Papaya Protein Rich Deep Conditioner regularly will yield noticeable improvements in the health and appearance of your hair over time.
So, just as Working out is a key component of a well-rounded fitness routine, incorporating our Papaya Protein Rich Deep Conditioner into your hair care regimen is a vital step towards achieving strong, vibrant, and beautiful hair.

Best when used Weekly or biweekly

Distilled Water, Butyrospermum parkii(Shea Butter), Avocado oil, Ceteryl Alcohol(Vegetable based fat), Cetyl Alcohol (Coconut based emollient), Panthenol(vitamin B5), Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Rapeseed based conditioning agent), Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Vegetable Glycerin, Butlyene Glycol(Corn sourced Humectant), Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Pumpkin extract, Sustainable Palm Oil, Cetrimonium chloride(Vegetable oil based conditioner), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride(From Guar Beans), Mentha piperita(Peppermint essential oil), Zingiber Officinale(Ginger), Citric acid(Natural Ph balancer, from fruits), Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid (Natural preservatives), Natural fragrance